• WO PERFORMANCE — Disinfection and lighting mode switch in one button.

  • 100% OZONE FREE — used immediately after disinfection without ventilation.

  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE — Disinfect Anytime, Anywhere. Disinfection starts once connected with mobile phone.

  • A MULTIPURPOSE LAMP — Once connected with phone, it is a multipurpose disinfection wand as well as soft light lamp.

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Production Description

Item Specifics:

Brand: 59S

Model: MINI SUN2

Item NO:SZQ03-L2

Color: White

Net Weight: 25g

Input Interface: USB-TypeC

Rate Input: 5V=1A

Size: 226x27x10.5mm

Performance: Disinfection/Lighting

Disinfection mode:

LED QTY: 3pcs

LEDs Lifetime: >5000h

LED wavelength: 260-280nm

Power: 2W

Lighting mode:

LED QTY: 12pcs

LEDs Lifetime: >20000h

Power: 2W

Global Distributors Wanted.